Xilium’s Corporate Social Responsibility

As a company founded on community values, we want to initiate projects that impact lives. Corporate Social Responsibility is how we truly leave a mark by improving society as the company flourishes. We believe in three main points of focus that guide us in wholly developing a conscientious corporate presence: Education, Community, and Environment.


A better life begins with a better education. In all corners of the world, education is the means out of poverty. We believe in empowerment and capacity building, uplifting people and allowing them to live fuller lives. We have committed to educational development by launching training programs for teachers, career management seminars for graduating students, and adopting schools in vulnerable areas.



Filipinos are known for their community values that stem from closely knit familial ties. To us, everyone is a brother or sister and we seize every opportunity to share what we have with others. Xilium has hosted and joined technology-sharing seminars and entrepreneurial collaborations with senior tycoons and young magnates alike. We are currently in the process of founding non-profit manpower development programs with the support and assistance of several non-governmental and municipal organizations.


The Philippines has one of the richest biomes in the world. We rally to the preservation and promotion of this cause through ecotourism and raising environmental awareness. We’ve participated in tree-planting activities, cleanups, as well as contributed to relief and rehabilitation efforts when natural calamities strike. As a culture, Filipinos are extremely diverse and we celebrate the Ilonggo distinction in what we say and do as a company by reflecting the same in environmental safekeeping.