Human Resource

The Philippines is one of the top producers of nurses in the world. Five hundred nursing schools produce an estimated 38,000 nurses annually. In Iloilo City (where our VMAs are based), six universities offering nursing courses provide a large pool from which to source our labor. Our recruitment efforts go beyond job posting and participating in job fairs. We are also partnering with local universities to maintain a stable labor force.


Our hiring process is a multi-layered procedure. This is to ensure individual competency in work and team outputs. Upon onboarding, supervisors take charge of monitoring and coaching. They constantly communicate with clients and virtual assistants to finetune service delivery. Our human resource officer handles employee-related concerns and obligations, relieving clients of clerical work and other tasks.


Efficient services strengthen the relationship between the company and its clients. By promoting work-life balance and professional growth, the employees are empowered. Empowered workers deliver better. This is our way of providing comprehensive staffing solutions to enable clients to focus on professional productivity.