Finding the Right Virtual Medical Assistants Made Easy!

Have you experienced these medical assistant-related difficulties in growing your practice?

  1. Finding and keeping the right medical assistants
  2. Training and managing them
  3. Handling turnover

Xilium Health is a HIPAA-compliant, North Carolina-based company who have helped more than 50+ doctors to improve and scale their practice by finding, training and managing Philippine Registered Nurses as their virtual medical assistants.

Our nurses are:

  1. Fully trained on tasks related to your medical practice
  2. Excellent in written and verbal communication with neutral accent
  3. Office-based with dedicated IT department

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Experience the Philippines’ World Class Health Professionals


“I am proud to say that, here at Xilium Health, we believe that delivering world class service to our clients is the best way to show our respect for their business. Our health assistants are licensed nurses in the Philippines who are well-experienced in providing patient care. Combined with our knowledge of the industry and  organizational discipline, expect reliability and commitment from our staff and management.”

Vanessa Estrella-Belleza
General Manager, Xilium

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MVA - Who We Are

Virtual Medical Assistant Profiles

MVA - Alexa Javellana

Alexa Javellana, R.N.


Manages and keeps track of your inbound or outbound communications. Xilium virtual medical assistants make sure all appointments and schedules are on point to support your doctor-patient relationship.

MVA - Nicole Parra

Nicole Parra, R.N.

EMR Assistant

Capable of using Electronic Medical Records databases to transcribe and update records accurately. Xilium medical virtual assistants efficiently record patient information into the system.

MVA - Beverly Valencia

Beverly Valencia, R.N.

Admin Assistant

Organize and iron out the procedures that keep a business running. Xilium medical virtual assistants are efficient in managing tasks related to the administrative side of your practice.

MVA - Sheryl Mallorca

Sheryl Mallorca, R.N.

Legal Assistant

Knowledgeable in securing necessary legal and official documents. Medical virtual assistants are experienced to handle concerns such as Prior Authorization and Pre-Certification of insurance coverage or benefits.

Irish Joy Millaro, R.N.

Virtual Medical Assistant

Jovette Virgula, R.N.

Virtual Medical Assistant

Don’t take our word for it.

Dr. Sarah Haydel

“We are very pleased with Nicole so far. She has been a fast learner and excited to receive new information. It has been such a relief to have extra help answering the phone and managing the website inquiries. It also frees up space in my current office by not having an extra employee workstation!”

Dr. Sarah Haydel, MD
Haydel Dermatology

Dr. Moshe Lewis“Levie has been a sweetheart on the phone. Repeating calls despite the fact she had done her task. Keeping me up to speed on what is due (and overdue). All while maintaining a calm demeanor and professional attitude.”

“Sheryl does a fantastic job of keeping up with an endless array of medical records that need to be reviewed.”

“Alexa is fantastic at juggling very testy patients and the demands of a high volume practice.”

Dr. Moshe Lewis, MD
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physician


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